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csdragon asked: I know you say due to their internal structure it'll never happen, but I'll keep rooting for you to get hired by riot to do lore!

Thank you! ^_^ I think at this point it’s like 0.01% chance that would ever happen, but it would be a lot of fun. Those stories and comics come really easily to me, like playing with dolls in a dollhouse.

For some reason I have a very hard time with making up original stories though!! >:\

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Since I always like to read about what my favorite artists are up to in their personal lives and I’ve been pretty publicly closed off on the internet thus far, I thought I’d jot down some of my thoughts on my life situation, especially after what happened today…….

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Anonymous asked: Your art is absolutely adorable, especially the new ones with Gnar! Do you plan on making some tutorials anytime soon? I know you said you're not a 'professional', but it's nice to see how amazing artists do their stuff :)

Thank you! ^_^ Yeah I am planning to put together a video thing on how I draw a comic page and approach stuff, just need to find the time to sit down and do it and the right project to film and all. 

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Anonymous asked: The comic was absolutely worth waiting for; all those pages in glorious color, and that writing! ;v ; I must have linked it to dozens of my friends, its seriously an achievement --- I literally can't stop reading it! It's perfect dshadfgffg thank you for doing it omg

Gosh. ^___^ Thank you so much!! I am so thrilled with all these kind reactions and messages. I seriously 100% thought that most people wouldn’t like it, ahaha. So I was very nervous to put it out there. 

Thank you all for reading the comic and signing up!! Looking forward to making Chapter 2!

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remdeikun asked: holy crap i just gotta send you a message, i'm a massive fan of your work and ive been waiting for the viktor-jayce comic for months now (incidentally theyre my fave champions too!) and it's blowing me out of the water. ive just been freaking out behind my screen for the past five minutes now. amazing work amazing, you're such an inspiration to me! thanks so much for sharing your incredible work!

Man. This may sound cliche, but just this one message has made me very happy I completed it and put it out there. :) I was so worried that people wouldn’t like it. Thank you!!!!!

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