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I don't do commissions or requests, sorry.

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insertartisthere asked: I adore your work! I started following you because of your redditgetsdrawn posts. Please don't stop uploading them here

Aw, thank you. :D I think I feel like most of them are just not interesting enough to post here so I don’t want to spam my followers with boring daily stuff, haha. I am getting better though so I’ll put stuff up more often!

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another Viktor and Jayce comic update

Hey guys! Here is another comic update if you’re not tired of them yet.

So it seems the comic is not going to be done this month, possibly not next month either. But work is still plugging along on it! I wanted to post some pretty concept art that I did for the comic for you guys but all my concepts look like sketch vomit drawn in a cryptic language only I can decipher, so, instead of prettying that up I’m gonna just spend that time drawing more comic pages.

Anyway, just wanted you guys to all know I still work on it, I still have a ton of fun drawing it, and most of all, I know how much people really want to see it! It’s coming eventually!!

As always, you can be emailed when it’s done by entering in your email at the bottom of the page: http://viktorjayce.league-art.com/

Thanks again for your patience <3

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